We are Future Lifts Egypt are the only importers and installer for pneumatic vacuum elevators, as we are an exclusive authorized agent for PVE (PNEUMATIC VACUUM ELEVATORS) in Egypt from ENI SPAIN-MADIRD and STAR ELEVATORS UAE-DUBAI. We are fully qualified to install and operate the unique state of art lift with our professional trained team.


PVE is the manufacturer of pneumatic vacuum elevators. Our goal is to respond to the problems of vertical transportation and accessibility within the home. We offer a new concept of home lifts to the market, which are innovative in design, and consist of a unique technology. Moreover, our vacuum lifts are easier to install, greener, safer and can be defined as “The appliance to lift people.”

PVE has developed its vacuum lifts considering the main problems that arise when installing a conventional elevator inside the house; as a result, it has managed to offer a new alternative to the sector of elevators. We manufacture vacuum lifts with no pits, no engine rooms, with minimal maintenance and which are easy to install.

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