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• Our pneumatic vacuum elevator is very easy to install in less then 1 week and fits anywhere in the house as it requires no pit or machine room.

• Our pneumatic vacuum elevator is easy to disassemble and install in another property.

• Our pneumatic vacuum elevator is an added value to your property where it will increase the resale value.

• Our vacuum lift is an ecological elevator using energy efficiency during the descent ( less than 400W consumption ) due to gravity and low power consumption during ascent only (turbines 220v 4.4KW ~ 6.6KW).

• Our vacuum lift contributes to the elimination of architectural barriers; therefore, it is suitable for transporting the disabled.

• Our pneumatic vacuum elevators are light weight and highly durable structure constructed using transparent or smoked polycarbonate and aluminum.

• Our pneumatic vacuum elevators are fully transparent panoramic allowing 360 degree visibility inside the house as it features an innovative design, elegance, functionality and compactness, unlike more traditional elevators, Vacuum lifts can works without the convention pulley and piston system which involves cables.

• Our vacuum lifts always stop at the exact level without the need to relevel.

• Our vacuum lift is absolute safety: in the event of an involuntary stop, the vacuum elevator automatically lowers to the floor below, so no one will be trapped inside the elevator.

• With its unique aesthetic installation the vacuum lift fits all uses: residential, commercial, public or institutional, which makes our appliance the ultimate universal lift.

• Its 24-volt circuits eliminate the risk of electrocution.

• The pneumatic vacuum elevator does not need lubrication and maintenance is minimal due to the absence of cables, pulleys, and pistons.

• It stops and starts extremely smooth