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Q: How does it operates?
A: It is our self-supporting vacuum elevator; a light and resistant structure built with aluminum and polycarbonate. By simple principles of physics; the difference in air pressure above and beneath the vacuum elevator cab literally transports you by air. It is the vacuum pumps or turbines that pull you up to the next Floor and the slow release of air pressure that floats you down.

Q: Where is the machine turbine location ?
A:There are two types of turbine units, Indoor Head Type & Outdoor Split Type, the head type is placed on top of the elevator tube, as for the outdoor split unit could be placed on the roof with a proximity distance upto 10 meters away from the tube using 2 PVC pipes, for more details check illustration shown in Advantages Page.

Q: How loud is the vacuum elevator ?
A:The out door split type is almost noiseless, as for the indoor head type vacuum elevator is around 85 decibels, almost same noise as your home vacuum cleaner.

Q: What happens at power failure?
A: If the power goes out it is impossible to get stuck between floors, as the cabin will go down under the law of natural physics which is gravity verses the negative pressure inside the tube shaft sending the elevator automatically to the ground floor, therefore there is no need for a generator or UPS battery, Unlike traditional elevators that requires a UPS battery which is an optional item at a very high cost and must be replaced every year.

Q: What happens at sudden vacuum leakage?
A: If the pressurized area above the cabin is neutralized with the atmospheric pressure, a spring loaded safety brakes will be activated immediately bringing the cabin to a full stop.

Q: Can these vacuum elevators accommodate a wheel chair?
A: Yes, the AVL135 model is designed to accommodate a wheelchair use, suitable for 3 persons standing a with  gross weight up to 238 kg, as for the AVL100 it is possible to attach a fold-up chair for convenience.

Q: Where is the best place to install it?
A: Our elevators are Indoor only and can be installed at any place inside your house, unfortunately its design and structure is not suitable for outdoor environment.

Q: What are the civil requirements needed to be prepared?
A: Civil works are very minimal, as our elevator does not require a pit or machine room, it also does not require any concrete shaft, the only requirement is a round opening cut in each floor level ceiling if is to be installed between floor and ceiling, if it will be installed in an open vertical area only cutting the stair rails and fitting an arch plate on each landing in front of the door openings.

Q: What are the electrical requirements needed to be prepared?
A: Dedicated single phase electrical 6mm wiring to be provided and terminated with the master DB with a separate breaker of 30Amps.

Q: Is the lift equipped with a telephone?
A: Base mount for telephone inside cab, telephone wiring from base mount to elevator controller box provided. Telephone wiring cable to controller provided by owner.

Q: Can I see a live demo ?
A: Yes. For inquiries please contact us to set up an appointment.

Q: What Color is the vacuum elevator available in?
A: The standard colors for the aluminum ribs are white, black, grey and taupe, as the polycarbonate panels (Plexiglass) and doors are all smoked transparent providing 360° panoramic view.